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19 November 2009 @ 09:11 pm
Fallen Angel  
Title: Fallen Angel
Author: Haru
Fandom: HSJ
Pairings: Arioka Daiki x Chinen Yuuri
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Summary: Chinen is a puzzling child, but Daiki can never be confused by him. How does Daiki react when Chinen says he is his "Fallen Angel"?
A/N: Haha, finally wrote something. Sudden inspiration by Zin Tae Hwa's Fallen Angel. No, it's not based on it. Has OCC!Chinen in it, be warned. Still need to improve on writing...

Arioka Daiki knew almost everything about Chinen Yuuri. Right down to the little details, he even knew the specific time he was born on. At times, there were a few things mysterious about Chinen that not even Daiki could put his finger on. Daiki didn't seem to mind, he would get to know what it was later on.

Sometimes, that never happened.


Chinen could confuse just about anyone, well that's if he desires to. Puzzling people with his antics always made him giggle in such a manner that left the person some what more dumbfounded than they already are.

Daiki hasn't felt puzzled or anything by Chinen before. He's quite use to Chinen changing every so often. One day, he'll find all of the younger boy's clothes color coordinated, the next week, what would look good with what.


"You're such a cute little angel, Chii," Daiki compliments, holding said boy in his arms. Chinen was comfortably in his arms, sitting on his lap like he would always do.

Chinen merely giggles and snuggles against Daiki's chest, inhaling the unique scent of the BEST member, "Dai-chan is so squishy,"

Daiki couldn't tell if it was a compliment or an insult, but he just continued on with his snuggling. He could feel the younger boy move more upwards, his head resting on Daiki's shoulder. The older boy couldn't help but notice that Chinen was breathing right beside his ear's range.

"Dai-chan," Chinen started off, "I'm your fallen angel," With that said, Chinen got up from Daiki's lap, walking out of Daiki's eyesight range. His distinctive giggle was heard as it echoed in Daiki's mind.

"Fallen angel...?" For the first time, Daiki was puzzled by Chinen.


Ryutaro merely laughs as Daiki explained what happened. He found it somewhat amusing that Daiki did not know what Chinen meant by Fallen Angel. Though it wasn't much of a surprise since Chinen used terms much differently, which in turn causes a conundrum between the 7 member and somebody.

"I seriously don't get what he meant though!" Daiki groans out of frustration.

"Think like Chinen," Ryutaro says.

It was hard to think like the little boy. His common senses were very good, but he works in a way with terms that could easily confuse people. While Daiki's mind wondered it's way to the twilight, thinking harder than a stone. Ryutaro just played with his DS.


Daiki ponders on what Chinen means. It's been several weeks since those words were said to him. Contemplating on whether or not he should confront Chinen, he slumps on his desk. He hates this. He hates the fact that he feels so confused over two simple words.

Two words are not so simple though, they can mean a multiple of things when but in an order.

"I have fallen for you, but why are you treating me like this?"

Everyone knew Daiki loved Chinen. Maybe said boy knew it too. Could it be that he was playing around with his heart? After years of working with him, why would he play around with him like this? Daiki comforted himself by saying 'Maybe he doesn't know, he couldn't be hurting my feelings like this, we're best friends.'

Daiki had a thought,

"Could it be that he has fallen from being my angel that I want... because he likes someone else..."


"What did you mean by Fallen Angel?" Daiki has Chinen cornered, arms beside either sides of Chinen's head. Chinen was in a corner, no way of getting out. Daiki was standing tall and proud in front of him.

Chinen merely smirks at him.

"Dai-chan, it's not hard to figure out,"

Daiki frowns and retorts with a "Yes it is! Chinen, this is the first time you've confused me like this! What are you trying to say? That you don't like me?!"

Chinen cups Daiki's cheeks. They're both looking deep into each other's eyes. A old saying says 'Eyes are a window to one's emotions, feelings and how they feel' but Chinen's eyes flickered something in his eyes that made Daiki's heart stop beat for a moment.

"I love you,"

Three simple words shattered any doubt that Chinen never would return the feelings. In a blink of an eye, Daiki embraced Chinen tightly. Chinen returned it also. Without any doubt, he said those words that made Chinen's eyes brim with tears.

"I love you too,"

They faced each other, still holding onto each other. A magical moment that most people dream of. Sparks flew as their lips met. Emotions pouring out from their container. Daiki nor Chinen cared if they weren't on a beautiful background, on the sandy beach during midnight during this kiss. The moonlight of it all would just add romantic effect, not make the kiss more special.

All that mattered was that they confronted each other with their feelings.

As they pulled a part, they stared into the other's eyes. They could see nothing but themselves in the pure white room.

"When I said fallen angel, I meant I was an angel from heaven, but I fell from heaven. I fell for you, but I was waiting for you to catch me," Chinen explained.

Daiki maneuvered his arms and lifted Chinen off his feet. He made it look like they were in a position that made it look like he caught Chinen.

"I have caught you, Yuuri. I will never let you fall, I will hold you tightly. I swear on my heart that I will never break your heart. You're the only one for me and you're my angel."

Chinen rested his head right on Daiki's chest. Directly near his heart, "Every moment with you feels like heaven."

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yoshida30yoshida30 on December 12th, 2009 12:01 am (UTC)
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