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16 July 2009 @ 10:26 pm
The History of DaiRyu  
Title: The History of DaiRyu (A.K.A. 25 Song Drabbles)
Author: Haru
Fandom: HSJ
Pairings: DaiRyu
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Every couple has a story to tell about how they began and currently are, their thick and thin moments, this is the story of DaiRyu.
A/N: Holy crapping hell o.o This ish 4-5 months old. Enjoy and flame meh crap =w=


ŒToo Shy (Hey! Say! JUMP)

Ryutaro did his homework reluctantly. He hated doing homework! He felt himself being hugged from behind.

"Watcha doing, Ryu-chan?" Why did it have to be him?

Ryutaro's face went red, "I-I'm d-d-doing h-homework, D-Dai-chan..."

Daiki ruffled his head, "You've got that problem wrong. You're suppose to divide 6 with the circumference, that'll give you the X."

Ryutaro looked over the problem, he did solve it wrong. "Th-thanks, D-Dai-chan.."

"No problem." Daiki went away to find his lost pocky.

Ryutaro cursed himself, why was he so shy around Daiki? He didn't understand, he was only 13 after all.

Spicy (Hey! Say! BEST)

Hikaru treated HSJ to sushi, supposedly because 'I'm not single anymore!'. Hikaru ordered up a few plates of sushi. Everyone started to dig in. Ryutaro picked up a wasabi sushi without noticing, since he wanted to get the ebi one next to it.

He popped it into his mouth, after a few chews his eyes watered. Daiki, apparently the only one who noticed, saw Ryutaro looking teary. Ryutaro fanned his mouth and looked for water. Realizing why Ryutaro was partially crying, he handed Ryutaro a glass of water.

Ryutaro took the glass and gulped it down hurriedly. "Let me guess, you took a wasabi sushi?" Daiki asked, rubbing Ryutaro's back.

Ryutaro flinched at the touch and nodded, not trusting his voice to speak. Daiki chuckled. "Too spicy, ne?"

"Ha-hai.." Ryutaro murmured.

Ž We Can Make It! (Arashi)

Ryutaro placed the last piece of the house, which was the roof, on the model house. He frowned deeply and sighed, his model broke again. He'd been working on it for 2 hours straight but it kept breaking. Daiki noticed Ryutaro grumbling and walked over to see why he was grumbling about.

"What's the matter?" Daiki asked, peering over Ryutaro's shoulder.

Ryutaro froze and stuttered out, "M-my m-model k-keeps b-breaking."

"Let me help." Daiki moved his arms around Ryutaro's shoulders and started to re-assemble the model.

Ryutaro helped out once in a while. Ryutaro sighed at the dreaded roof piece, it always made the house fall! Before Ryutaro could even take the roof in his had, Daiki grabbed his wrist.
Ryutaro's heart did a 360 flip from that simple action.

"Don't put it on yet, it'll fall apart. Let the glue dry first." Daiki released Ryutaro's wrist.

Ryutaro nodded, "T-Thanks.."

Happy Birthday (NEWS)

Ryutaro shifted around the chair and watched as everyone enjoyed themselves at Daiki's birthday party. He didn't like to go to parties much. The bash was over and everyone was going home. Daiki smiled and shook his head at the mess.

Ryutaro tugged Daiki's sleeve when the BEST member passed by him. Daiki looked down at him.


Ryutaro handed him a box of pocky, "Happy Birthday, Dai-chan." He managed to say without stuttering.

Daiki gladly took it and pecked Ryutaro on the forehead, "Thanks~"

Ryutaro could feel his face heat up violently, "Y-you're w-welco-me.."

Rain Dance (Yabu Kota)

Ryutaro ran around in his back yard, he had nothing good to do other than running around in the rain. He was home alone. Ryutaro suddenly remembered he had to practice his dancing. He frowned. Ryutaro sighed and started to hum 'Mayonaka no Shadow Boy'. It didn't matter if he was dancing in the rain, it was fun!

He swayed his body around. He was about to slip on the grass when arms went around his waist.

"You should practice inside, Ryutaro." Daiki chuckled.

Ryutaro turned red in embarrassment and nervous-ness. Daiki saw him dancing! Even thought Daiki had seen him dance a lot, he was still embarrassed since it was by himself. Daiki released him and helped him on his feet.

"Let's practice together!" Daiki said with a smile.

Ryutaro nodded, "O-ok."

‘ Haku White (Vanilla Mood)

Ryutaro stood right in front of the door of the dressing room, his eyes covered by Daiki. Daiki wasn't sure how to react when he saw Inoo and Yabu making love right at that time. He was fortunate to have covered Ryutaro's eyes in time.

He glared at the two BEST member. Ryutaro nearly tripped when Daiki made him walk backwards away from the room.

"Ryutaro, did you see anything?" Daiki asked.

Ryutaro shook his head, "Why?"

Daiki sighed in relief, "Let's say your mind must stay white for a few more years."

"White..?" Ryutaro didn't get it.

"You'll understand in due time." Daiki ruffled Ryutaro's hair and flicked his forehead.

’ Beautiful World (Utada Hikaru)

Ryutaro wrapped his arms around Daiki's neck tightly yet gently enough for the older boy to not choke from. They were at the fair. Daiki settled Ryutaro down when he went in front of a gyoza stand and ordered some gyoza. Ryutaro looked at the sky, the dark blue was really pretty.

"Ryutaro, do you want anything to eat?" Daiki asked, making Ryutaro snap out of his trance.

"I think I want to eat some Yakitori." Ryutaro murmured.

"Hold this." Daiki handed his plate of Gyoza to Ryutaro.

Ryutaro took the plate. He waited in front of the stand for a moment after Daiki left him. Daiki came back, a small plastic plate in his hand. Daiki took a hold of Ryutaro's free hand and tugged him to a open field, a small distance away from the fair.

Daiki sat down and patted the lawn of grass beside him. Ryutaro sat next to Daiki, 1 foot away from him. Daiki handed Ryutaro the plate of Yakitori and Ryutaro gave him his plate of gyoza. Ryutaro and Daiki started to chow down on their food. Ryutaro blinked when when Daiki held a gyoza on his lips with his chopsticks. Ryutaro gently bit into it and swallowed.

He handed Daiki a stick of his yakitori. Daiki happily took it and ate it. When they finished eating, Daiki pulled Ryutaro in his lap. Ryutaro was a little flustered about it. They both looked at the view in front of them, simply magical.

“Wrong Number (DBSK)

Ryutaro dialed in some numbers on his home phone since Natsune accidentally took his phone with her. He couldn't get back his phone since Natsune went to his aunt's house. Ryutaro waited patiently for Daiki to answer.

Ryutaro wanted to ask if he could get back his manga that Daiki borrowed.

'Sorry, but you've got the Wrong Number.'

Ryutaro frowned and dialed again. Same thing he heard. He dialed again for about 5 times before giving up. He wanted to read that manga! He just bought it a few days ago and Daiki just suddenly asked him to borrow it. Since he wasn't mean, he let Daiki borrow it. His door was knocked. Ryutaro answered his door.

"Ryutaro! Here's the manga I borrowed." Daiki held the manga in front of Ryutaro.

Ryutaro took it in his hand, "Thanks for r-returning it."

Daiki smiled and pecked his cheek, "You're so cute~"

” Bouken Rider Adventure Rider (Hey! Say! JUMP)

Ryutaro held Daiki's torso tightly as the BEST member rode a motorcycle on a closed course. He was a little scared by the fact that Daiki had no experience in this, but he wasn't that scared because Daiki knew what he was doing without being told what to do. Daiki made a swift turn and stopped the motorcycle. That was fun.

"Ryu-chan, let's go ride a ATV near the sea!" Daiki declared.

Daiki felt a nod, since Ryutaro's head was right against his back. Daiki piggybacked Ryutaro back to his uncle's  garage. He placed the motorcycle back in place and took the key for the ATV.  Daiki hopped on it and rode his way towards the ocean.  Ryutaro looked out at the horizon.

"Kirei.." He mumbled.

Daiki looked to his side for a moment, "It sure is.."

• Jet Coaster Romance (KinKi Kids)

Shintaro huddled up in Ryutaro's lap. Daiki looked at Shintaro with a large frown. Daiki nudged Ryutaro's arm.

"Let's go to the amusement park." Daiki said.

"Ok!" Ryutaro smiled but it dropped after a few seconds, "Can Shintaro go?"

Daiki didn't want to say yes, but he had to or Ryutaro might say no. "Sure."

"I don't wanna go, Nii-chan. I wanna play with Taiga-kun!"

Ryutaro sat next to Daiki on the jet coaster. He was a little scared because the jet coaster they were on was the most scariest. As the machine twisted and turn in different angles, Ryutaro was practically squished more to Daiki. At one point his lips met Daiki's cheek.

Daiki felt lips on his cheek and he smiled. They went home, nothing about the peck was mentioned on the way.

⑾ Love Together (Ya-Ya-Yah)

Ryutaro nervously held a well wrapped rectangular in front of Daiki. Daiki blinked.

"What's this for?" Daiki asked, taking the box.

Ryutaro shuffled his feet, "Today's member-ai day..."

Daiki smacked himself, "I wish I could have gotten you something!"

Ryutaro shook his head, "It's ok."

Ryutaro felt a finger tilting his head upwards. He was now facing Daiki, rather close. Daiki gave him a kiss on the lips. Ryutaro's face turned red, his knees felt weak and he swore he could feel the life drain out of him.

⑿This Day (Aoyama Thelma)

Ryutaro sat in a dark corner. He didn't get what was wrong with him! He'd stutter around Daiki, flinch at touches from Daiki, turn red when Daiki's around and practically melt when Daiki gave him a peck on the cheek, forehead or lips!

Ryutaro felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned his head.

"Ne, why are you in a corner for?"

Ryutaro nervously laughed when Daiki asked him that question. "Just thinking..."

Ryutaro felt himself being glomped, "Ne, Ryu~chan~~~❤"


"I like you~❤"

Ryutaro froze, "I don't know how I feel..."

Daiki pecked his cheeks. "It's ok."

"B-but...I always stutter around you, my cheeks heat up, my heart flutters and I feel like I have butterflies in my tummy when I'm around you...What does it mean...?"

Daiki pecked him on the lips, "It means you like me too~~"

Ryutaro smiled and hugged Daiki. "I'm glad then..."

⒀Lies (Big Bang)

Ryutaro stood in front of the fan, ignoring Chinen's whines of 'You're hogging the breeze, fatty!' and 'Move, because I'm cuter than you! And I deserves some fanning!'. Ryutaro finally moved from the fan when Chinen threaten to kill his hamster and eat it while dancing on one foot.

He needed a shower. He smelled of sweat, cologne and perfume. Ryutaro still smelled like a girl since his sister sprayed some perfume on him. Ryutaro walked into the locker room, totally unprepared for what he was gonna see. Daiki was against a locker by Takaki, engaged in a rather intense lip locking session.

Daiki broke the kiss and slumped against the locker. His eyes widen when he saw Ryutaro.

"It was a lie, wasn't it? You don't love me, do you? It was all a joke?!"

Daiki winced at the words, "Ryutaro, I can ex-" Ryutaro cut him off.

"You know what?" Ryutaro walked up to Daiki and pushed Takaki on the ground. Ryutaro raised his hand. Daiki's eyes widen at the sudden pain he felt on his cheek. "DON'T PLAY WITH MY FEELINGS YOU BASTARD!" Ryutaro grabbed his stuff and ran away.

Daiki turned his attention to Takaki. "You..."

Takaki wanted to crawl away.

Daiki advanced to him, "Are so dead.."

Takaki had never felt so much pain by a 18 year old, cute, adorable and chibi boy in his life.

⒁ Truth (Arashi)

Takaki walked up Ryutaro, who was sulking in a dark corner.

"Listen, Ryu-"

"Shut up! You big fat butt head! You...uhhh...jerk!" Ryutaro shouted at him.

Takaki sighed and took a hold of Ryutaro's shoulders and stared intensely into the younger's eyes. "Listen to me, Ryutaro." Takaki began. "Daiki is NOT playing with your feeling or anything."

Ryutaro slapped his hands away, "If he wasn't then why was he kissing you?!"

"You know when a boy's hormones...umm...get kinda wild? Like you just wanna-" Takaki couldn't finish when Ryutaro smacked him with a book.

"You can't expect me to know that you blockhead." Ryutaro continued to sulk.

"Damnit, Ryutaro! He's not cheating/playing with your feelings or anything! I just forced myself on him, ok?!"

"He's not?" Ryutaro blinked. So...it's all Takaki's fault?

"Of course he's not! I even got my buns cooked by him!" Oh he couldn't describe all the horrible things Daiki did to him.

"Wah?" Ryutaro had no idea what he just said.

"In other words, he kicked my butt."

Ryutaro giggled and laughed, "BEATEN BY A LITTLE CHIBI?!" Ryutaro laughed at Takaki.

Takaki sighed, at least Ryutaro's gonna go back with Daiki.

⒂ Fool (Big Bang)

Ryutaro tugged at Daiki's sleeve, "Dai-chan..."

Daiki looked down, "Hai?"

"You're getting short."

Daiki frowned, "Meanie..."

Ryutaro glomped Daiki, "I'm sorry..."


"I'm sorry I thought you were cheating...It's my first relationship ever...and I felt betrayed...I'm such a fool..." Ryutaro hung his head down.

Daiki placed a kiss on Ryutaro's forehead, "You're not a fool, Ryutaro. Why would I cheat on you anyway? When I told you I like you, I meant it with all my heart."

Ryutaro smiled, "Dai-chan.."


"I'm getting taller than you."

Daiki twitched.

⒃ On The Wind (Chinen Yuuri)

"D-Dai-chan! "Ryutaro shouted out. This was weird. Having a chibi twirl you around like a doll by the shore that is.

Daiki merely laughed and continued to spin the poor little boy around some more.

"D-Dai-chaaan...d-dizzy!" Ryutaro's head was spinning.

Daiki finally put Ryutaro down. The younger boy swayed around, as if he was drunk. He was about to drop on teh ground when Daiki caught him.

"Heehee I see a lot of Dai-chaaan..." Ryutaro giggled.

Daiki poked him, "How many?"

"I see one now~"

Daiki pecked his cheek.

"On the wind~ In the sea~ there'll always be a you and meeee~" Ryutaro said against Daiki's ear.

"And I'm happy there will always be~"

⒄ I Hate This Part (Pussycat Dolls)

Ryutaro and Daiki walked down the streets, on their way home. Ryutaro's fingers were entwined tightly with Daiki's, not wanting to let go anytime soon. They passed many stores, restaurants and stands as they passed by.

"Did you have fun at the fair today?" Daiki asked, looking at the younger boy.

"Un!" Ryutaro smiled.

"You looked really funny when you went into the haunted house." Daiki commented.

Ryutaro pouted, "But you keep squealing in a a girly voice."

"Did not." Daiki denied.

"You is one mean pengu."

"Wrong grammar."

"I say whatever I want!"

"Hey, here's your stop." Daiki pointed at Ryutaro's house.

"Awww, I hate it when our dates end." Ryutaro whined.

Daiki pecked Ryutaro on the lips, "I do too, ne, let's go on another date tomorrow night~"

"Okay~!"Ryutaro gave Daiki a hug before skipping to his house.

⒅ Destiny (Vanessa Mae)

RyuMori has signed on.

Yamaichigo: Hey, Ryutaro, I heard you and Daiki are going out, is it true? OwO
RyuMori: O.O Yeah, why?
Yamaichigo: All the juniors are talking about you two xD How did you two get together? :3
RyuMori: Maa~ Ask Daiki~ :P
Yamaichigo: Aww, just tell me~! ;w;
RyuMori: Actually... I always felt weird around Daiki... He actually had to tell me that I liked him and he returned the feelings :3
Yamaichigo: Isn't that a plot in fanfiction these days? xD
RyuMori: o.O Eh?
Yamaichigo: That happens in fics a lot, but for it to happen in real life... uwaaah
RyuMori: Like destiny wanted us together?
Yamaichigo: But I must admit, I'm jealous ;w; I want a lover~
RyuMori: You'll find someone~!
Yamaichigo: btw, I forgot to mention, Daiki is reading this xD; He's babysitting me here xD
RyuMori: EHHH? OwO

⒆ She's No You (Jesse McCartney)

Ryutaro watched as Daiki talked to the teenage make up artist. Ryutaro had the urge to just yank Daiki away from the girl. She was quite pretty, but more cute. Long hair and a bit tomboy-ish.

"Hehe, I'll talk to you later, Yuumi-chan." Daiki waved good bye to her and walk to Ryutaro.

Ryutaro turned his attention to his DS.

Daiki poked him, "Ne, Ryu-chan~"

"Hm?" Ryuatro didn't look up from his DS.

"Were you jealous that I was talking to a girl and not you?"

Ryutaro turned off his DS and placed it to the side, "Yeah..."

"Don't worry, she's no you. Because I'm satisfied with what I've got." Daiki hugged Ryutaro reassuringly. "Besides, why do you need to be jealous? She already has a boyfriend."

Ryutaro blushed in embarrassment and hugged Daiki back.

⒇ Believe (AI)

"Ne, Dai-chan, did you ever believe in love?" Ryutaro asked, self seated on Daiki's lap.

Daiki rested his head on Ryutaro's shoulder and turned his head to face the younger boy, "Why do you ask?"

"I'm curious~" Ryutaro pecked Daiki's cheek.

"To tell you the truth... I never believed in love until I found you." Their lips met right after Daiki said that, their lips were locked for quite a while until Ryutaro broke away.

"Same for me too..."

②① Yume Dream (Okuda Miwako)

"Daiki..." Ryutaro's voice was filled with dread.

"What is it?" Daiki asked, feeling worried.

"I... I think we should..."

"We should what...?"

"Break up... it's not working out..." Ryutaro's face was unreadable and his eyes were filled with regret.

He shot up suddenly, cold sweat running down his face. It was a dream...?

"Daiki... go back to sleep and stop hogging the sheets for yourself..." Ryutaro mumbled.

"Ne, Ryutaro, will you ever leave me?" Daiki asked, laying back down with his face turned to the side, not facing Ryutaro.

Ryutaro shifted so that his body was on top of Daiki's. He turned Daiki's face with his small hands so that their eyes were meeting.

"I would never, why do you ask?"

"I-I had this dream... that you we-" Daiki got cut off when Ryutaro placed his lips over his own.

"Never... it'll never happen... don't worry about it, okay? Let's go back to sleep."


"Whyyy?" Ryutaro whined, tugging on Daiki's jacket sleeve.

Daiki sighed and ruffled Ryutaro's hair, "I told you, I need a snack to study."

"But it's only pockyyy." Ryutaro flashed the best puppy dog eyes he can do while puckering up his bottom lip.

"Fine... stop hanging around Chinen too." Daiki handed Ryutaro a box of pocky.

"This is strawberry!" Ryutaro complained.

"Strawberry?!" Yamada popped out from nowhere and snatched Ryutaro's pocky from his hand before running out the door fat full speed.

"Daaaiki! Yamada took my pocky!" Ryutaro pouted.

"Too bad, life's not fair."

"Uwaaaaah!" Ryutaro started to fake cry.

"Fine! Take my pocky!" Daiki shoved 3 boxes of pocky at Ryutaro.

"Yaaay~ I knew Chinen was a great teacher in the art of spoil~"

"Why are you people unfair~?" Daiki pouted.

"Life's not fair." Ryutaro quoted Daiki, sticking his tongue out at Daiki.

②③ Ai no Toriko Prisoner or Love (Vanilla Mood)

Daiki always knew the world was getting crazier and crazier by the day. For example, Yabu was doing the hula in a leaf skirt with Hikaru singing 'Old McDonald Had A Farm' the day before and yesterday, Chinen was dressed like a giant strawberry with Yamada chasing him, attempting to chew him.

Now today, Ryutaro was in a cage with a ball chain on his ankle and he was dressed in black and white striped clothing. Yuto was guarding the cage with a garden knome.

By the time Yuto saw Daiki, he left the room.

"Why?" Daiki looked at Ryutaro, who was making noises by running a cup on the bars.

"I wanted to show you I'm a prisoner of love!" Ryutaro smiled innocently.

Daiki laughed, "Let's get you out of here."


Daiki opened the cage door. Ryutaro pounced on him, huggling him like a teddybear. Daiki just chuckled and planted a kiss on Ryutaro's forehead.

②④ Beautiful Soul (Jesse McCartney)

"Daaaiki, I look ugly in this." Ryutaro was dressed in a hamster suit. Ryutaro heard some snickering which turned into laughter, "Not funny!" Ryutaro pinched Daiki's arm.

"I c-can't help it...! Haha!" Daiki rubbed the area Ryutaro pinched.

"Shut up butt face!" Ryutaro was quite annoyed.

"Ryutaro, you're not ugly in that at all! You look cute and adorable!"

"I don't wanna be cute and adorable!"

 Daiki wrapped and arm around Ryutaro's small build and whispered in his ear, "You're cute and adorable, don't deny it. Besides, your soul is more beautiful than my butt face so be happy."

"You're not a butt face... you're a cute chibi." Ryutaro kissed Daiki's chubby cheek.

②⑤ Love Like This (Natasha Bedingfield)

Ryuatro snuggled into Daiki's chest, enjoying the warmth. Ryutaro's arms were around Daiki's torso, not wanting to let go, even for a second.

"I love you." Daiki said in a sincere voice, wrapping his flabby arms around Ryutaro, holding him more closer to his body.

"I love you too." Ryutaro moved up and pressed his lips against Daiki's pink ones.

Daiki broke away, "I've never felt love like this... I'm so glad I'm with you..."

"I wouldn't even want to change anything about us."

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I doubt anybody wants to see his butt nekkid ass parading about not being single.

It's already too late for Chinen XD

OWO Why die? xD


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Why is my word choice applaud? XD

He got pwned by a guy 'bout 4 years younger than him, how sad xD


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